Superbowl Intercepts

That video of the California Air National Guard F-15 doing practice intercepts on a CAP Cessna 182 was a hit a few weeks ago. Now that you know what an intercept looks like, listen to what it sounds like (free login required). These are the actual ATC recordings of aircraft getting intercepted during the Superbowl last month. As you can imagine, there's a fairly significant amount of confusion involved on the part of the aircraft being intercepted. Of course, if you were the sort of pilot who wouldn't be flustered by an intercept, you're also the sort of pilot that checks NOTAMs and either uses flight following or monitors 121.5 and therefore never gets intercepted. At one point, the pilot of the RV6 is a little indignant about how close to him the Department of Homeland Security Citation jet is flying. The DHS pilots are not sympathetic.

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