Military Mishaps

Military aviation's safety record (in modern times) is something GA pilots should aspire to. Military aviation is statistically, much safer than GA. This month, the safety records are converging and not because GA is improving. In the last few weeks, the Thunderbirds lost an F-16, the Blue Angels lost a pilot and an F/A-18, the Navy lost an MH-60, the Air National Guard lost two F-16s in a midair, the Navy lost two F/A-18s in a mid-air, the Swiss lost two F-5s from their military demonstration team in a midair, and the Russians lost a pilot and an Su-27 from the Russian Knights demonstration team. That's a very bad run for military aviation.

Let's hope this week we can get back to rising to the military's level, rather than have them descend to ours.

PS: The NOTAM I mentioned in last week's dispatch regarding GPS outages in June for parts of the Western United States has been cancelled. The Navy isn't saying why, but I suspect the excited media coverage played a role. I think most CFIs were probably pretty amped about it, since it gave us a great explanation for why we make our students learn to navigate the old fashioned way.

Geoff Rapoport

Safety and Training

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